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The Internet is NOT a dump truck

It's a series of TUBES!

Mike Richardson
22 September
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Well, how to begin...

o engaged to be married to littledee5 in 2008

o a long-time student at the University At Buffalo in the Computer Engineering Department.
- I really hate my major now... hell of a time to decide that...

o A professional web developer, as in: I receive a salary to develop web sites part time at the University.

o a musician and dabbling composer. Genres vary. Instruments rotate between guitar, bass, mandolin, keyboard and drums, in no specific order. Violin might be next....

o a Virgo, but i don't pay attention to horoscopes :)

o an active brother and past President of the Epsilon Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi Omega at U.B. and on Section 89 Staff.

o an avid computer user with experience with many operating systems, including but not limited to all versions of Windows (from 3.0 to XP Pro), MacOS 7.5.5+, Solaris, and numerous flavors of Linux and BSD.

o a hacker (not cracker)

o a network security expert

o a gamer (electronic,board and (just getting into) card)

Love is like Pi: natural, irrational, and very important. -- Lisa Hoffman